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01 February 2006

FO 9: Handwarmers

Yarn: Smart Wool
Needles: Denise US5
Method: 2 on 2
Pattern: Make it up as you go
Recipient: Husband
My husband tends to develop this condition we call "mouse hand." Basically, when he sits at the computer (using the mouse) too long, his hands get as cold as ice. This happens other times, too. Video games, reading, etc. So I made these for him to wear when his hands get cold. He seems to like them. Not something he would wear outside the house, but they work great for here. I just did some 1x1 rib around the top, split for the thumb, rejoined in the round, and more 1x1 rib for the cuff. I tried doing the Norwegian purl on the flat section, and my gauge went crazy. But they worked.