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14 January 2006

Santa Fe Saturday

The smog was really bad in Albuquerque today, so we went up to Santa Fe. We had plans to meet a friend from Los Alamos for dinner, but we left here after lunch.
I mailed off the first SP7 gift today. She should get it Tuesday or Wednesday.
Then we went to Trader Joe's and picked up a couple of bottles of two buck Chuck - chardonnay. It was really neat, but we didn't stay long - it was also quite crowded.
We tried to find a store called Wet Pets, but apparently it has closed since we were there last.
Then we went to the Needle's Eye - a LYS. They didn't have a lot of yarn, but it was nice. I picked up a couple of balls of Encore for a layette (5 hour baby sweater and matching booties and hat). I also got the buttons for the sweater and some chibi needles.
The last stop was Borders. I got the Yarn Harlot's first book, a sudoku book, SBD 30 minute cookbook, and something for SP.
We had dinner at Il Vicino (leftovers for lunch) and dessert at Cold Stone.
It was a good day. It was nice to get out of the smog. I don't understand how people in LA can take it! There's still some smog, but hopefully a front will come through and get rid of it. Los Lunas is outside of the "bowl" so we shouldn't have the same inversion issues as we do here in Albuquerque.
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