Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

06 January 2006


The knitting of Rogue is complete. Tomorrow, I'll wash and block. I think I'll wet block this one, so I don't have to wash it again immediately. I went to Village Wools to visit Scout today - her first day of work there. I needed a third ball of Mission Falls for Husband's house socks. I also picked up some yarn for Jaywalker and a bottle of Eucalan. Exciting, huh?
No work today, as mentioned before. We had a new person at SnB this week - Kim (I think). She had the coolest knitting bag that she got from Michaels in CT, where she is from. I went online and found it at the Michael's site, but they didn't have it at either of hte Michael's here. So I ordered it from
I realize I've been slacking in the picture department. I may or may not do something about it tomorrow. Tune in to find out!