Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

21 January 2006

Not hungover

If I wrote something on your blog last night that didn't make any sense, I blame it on CUI - commenting under the influence.
Husband poured enough water down my throat last night that I don't think there is any sign of alcohol in my body at this point. No headache, no nausea. That's my general hangover preventative. Water. Lots and lots of water before you go to bed.
I did do a little KUI (knitting under the influence) last night. I didn't have to rip much this morning. And it was just on the shrug. I'll probably finish that up this weekend.

Here's my jaywalker progress. I'll be turning the heel as soon as I finish up this post.
I noticed a dropped stitch in the Baltic Sea socks, so I fixed that this morning.
I've decided to do Eris for knitting olympics. Does anyone have recommendations for some inexpensive cotton? I need almost 2000 yards for the cardigan.
We turned in the last of our paperwork for the house yesterday!
Now we just wait to close.
I may head up to village wools to pet some yarn and get ideas for the cardigan. I may pick something up for the red scarf project, too. Something manly. I've been seeing lots of girly scarves going to the project but not many manly ones.