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16 January 2006

Monday Fun

Here we are, Monday after work. I got a little bit of work today. Don't tell anyone, but it won't take nearly as much work as they think it will. Yarn Harlot has come up with a lovely way to enjoy the winter olympics: The Knit Olympics. Choose a challenging project, cast on when they light the torch and cast off before the torch goes out.
And looky at the cool button.

Visit the yarn harlot blog for more info: Knitting Olympics
Still working on socks and shrug. We start Jaywalker KAL tomorrow at SnB, so I hope I can get these socks off the needles tonight.
Oh yeah. I forgot. I can't decide what to do for the Knitting Olympics.
Here's my choices:
1. Eris - in cotton for the summer
2. Clapotis - in something nice and soft.
3. Layette for Brian and Monica's protochild.