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08 January 2006

I hate Wal-Mart!

It's not that I have a moral problem. It's that it's so freakin' crowded. Today's trip was no exception. We got there, and had to stop at the restroom. No big deal. Not the cleanest ones in the world, but I've seen worse. But there are two little boys in there, and no parent. A little strange. As I'm leaving, the mother is waiting outside.
Me: You know that was the women's room, right?
SB: I don't like for them to use the men's room.
Me: Well it's kind of awkward.
SB: I don't know why.
Me: Maybe you should go in there with them next time.
SB: I don't want anyone to steal my stuff.
Ok, so I summarized. The point is, if your brats are old enough to go potty by themselves, they are old enough to go in the men's room. If you don't feel comfortable with them going in the men's room with all the weirdos, that's fine. Make them wait until you get home. Or make them go before you start shopping so you can go in there with them. These were kids were like 6 or 8. It's called a women's room for a reason.
Then there was the hysterical woman who misplaced her child. And all of the people touching me.
Oh, and then the cashier. The incredible slow moving cashier. Now if he was bagging the groceries correctly, it wouldn't have been as bad. But he tried to put the ready to eat food in with the raw meat, and he attempted to put the sweet potatoes on top of the bananas. And did I mention that he was slow?
Today is a big FO day. Photos to come soon. Really.