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09 January 2006

FO the third: Rogue

This is the Rogue. Excuse the crazy demon eyes. I'll get one of my Stitch n Bitch girlies to take a better pic tomorrow night.
Yarn: KnitPicks, Wool of the Andes, Snickerdoodle, 18 balls
Needles: Denise, US sizes 5 and 7
Pattern: Rogue, by Girl from Auntie
Recipient: Me!
This was a great knit. I may make a cotton version for summer. I added some stitches to the width, and made the largest size. It still came out a little big. But I'm quite happy with it. The cables were indeed advanced, but the pattern was very well written, and easy to follow. The chart symbol descriptions were very clear. I do despise sewing, but the top down minimized it.