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04 January 2006

A Business Venture

In support of my continuing yarn habit, I have decided to start a business: Socks that Fit (and other knit gifts) Catchy, eh?
I'm going to purchase a circular sock machine, and cones of yarn in a variety of colors, in wool and cotton. People will be able to order socks to fit a specific size foot. I got this idea because husband wears a size 15 shoe, and finding him comfortable socks is a challenge. And on the other end of the spectrum are those with small feet. I plan to go live in May.
I will also have the standard hats and scarves, and armwarmers. I will also do commissioned knitting - afghans, sweaters, shawls. This angle will be limited - I do need time for fun knitting. :)
Finally, I will offer to knit socks from stashed yarns for $10/pair. This is for those who have reached SABLE, or who are in a time crunch.
The business will be primarily online, although I will probably do some craft shows.
I'll keep you posted!