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19 December 2005

Rant-o-matic: Part the First, In Which Political Correctness is Out of Hand

"We should hire some illegals to do this crap"
Does this offend you? Do you assume that I am talking about Mexicans?
Well, I got bitched at for saying this statement in reference to cleaning floors and stuff.
This was part of a 6S event, a whole other rant in and of itself. In industry, this is known as 5S. Standardize, Shine, Sort, Strainten, and Sustain. Lockheed Martin/Sandia have added a 6th S - Safety.
The portion in question is Shine. This is the part where they make a bunch of moderately educated engineers and scientists, and highly experienced technologists, scrub floors and dust and lots of other gross stuff like that.
A couple of persons of hispanic descent were present when I made this statement. A week or so ago, there was a news story in which a dozen or so illegal immigrants were discovered to be working on construction on Kirtland AFB. Now, I'm not a terribly imposing person, although I might could squish you if you were small enough. But that's beside the point. Rather than these people saying something at the time, they chose to go to my manager. Now if they had come to me, I would have apologized. But now, no fucking way. I am pissed.
Now comes the assumption that all illegal immigrants are hispanic. This is not true. Illegal immigrants can come from anywhere. The key is being in the country illegally.
My solution - I'm not going to talk to the asshole who had a problem. And I'm going to demand that people call me either melatonin-challenged or a person of western European descent. And I'm going to tell the office gossip so she can spread the word. And so help me God if that whore S had anything to do with it, I will kick her ass in to next week.