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07 November 2005

Gloves and Socks and Scarves Oh My!

So I've been knitting like crazy lately. And more to come. Lots of socks waiting to be made for Christmas. Friday night, we had a Yarn Swap. (Thanks Beverly!) I took this:

and came back with this:

I made one of those spiral scarves, loosely based on the potato chip scarf from Knitpicks. I used Wave, 75% Wool, 25% Silk. Very nice and soft. It has that fuzzy raw silk look, but not so much that it looks cheap. I picked it up from Village Wools.

I also finished up my convertible mittens (finally a pair for me) from a pattern from MagKnits. This was a great pattern. And my first experience with cables. I think they turned out well. I already have requests for two pairs. I did these with Wave as well. Now, I'm looking for a pattern for a hat. I just can't decide. There are so many to choose from! I was thinking of a Chullo, but now, I just don't know.

I finished up a pair of socks for me. I used Bearfoot Mountain Colors that I picked up in Delaware. There were a few light spots toward the center of the hank, but they aren't really noticeable in the finished sock. They are wearing well, so far.

Now, I'm working on sock 2 for husband. I finished the first sock of the pair this weekend. I'm doing a 3x2 zig zag rib. I don't remember seeing it before, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I'll post details and pics when the pair is done, but that could be a few days. With a size 15 foot, it requires 90 stitches. I'm using Trekking XXL. If I used a heavier yarn, it would be faster, but it's so hard to find colors for him, I take what I can get.

Work has been boring. At least boring is not stressful. I've been doing some knitting at work. I don't usually take it to work, but it's been slow lately. It looks like I may have something to do tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes. According to the contractor, they will be starting the framing of the house soon. Only 3ish months! Shane is taking Stress and Rescue at the dive shop. I decided to take it later, maybe in the spring.

We are actually going to go to the company Christmas party this year, a formal affair. I get to dress up and go dancing! Shane's dancing, well, it tends to resemble the hokey pokey. A few classes will hopefully get him on the right (less bouncy) track. Should be fun.