Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

02 November 2005

3 down, 1 to go

Today sucked. Work was boring. S said something about my "fucking attitude" under her breath. In the interest of me getting a security clearance eventually, I didn't kick her ass. I so wanted to. P is having a meeting tomorrow. I'm sure that we will all get bitched at for not getting along with S. So this attitude. She supposedly has two masters degrees. She asked a question that she should have known the answer to. Now, she is not my favorite person. I answered the question flatly. I wasn't rude or sarcastic, but I wasn't nice either. So she made her comment and left. Later, the person I was helping, L, told me that S told her not to bother me. It seems that S wants to be in charge, and wants everything to go through her. I told L to just ask me if she needed any help. S doesn't know what she's doing, and she doesn't have any business telling anyone what to do. I mean, she's a crackhead burnout.
The knitting is coming to work with me. If they don't have work for me, that's their problem. P is going to be in for some fun, though. The union found out what he is asking L to do, a lot of technical stuff. She's not supposed to be doing that. And he asked her to lie. Now why would someone put their own ass on the line for someone who treats them like shit?
I finished my socks last night before SnB. No pics yet. I'm feeling lazy tonight.
I got started on my convertible mittens. I'm using the Urban necessities pattern from They are going great so far. Shane's socks are on hold until I can get some more US0 needles. I lost one of my in Las Cruces during the X-Prize Cup. Normally, I could do them with only 4, but his require 90 sts, so I really need 5 or else these will be really unwieldy.