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I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

30 November 2005


It's good to be back here in Albuquerque. We had a good trip home. I got a lot of knitting done. I got the rest of the yarn for Shane's socks, so I finished those up. I also finished my grandmother's Christmas socks, made my sister's, and started on Shane's brother's. In Columbus I picked up some yarn from Yarns Downtown, a new yarn shop there. I don't remember the name, but it was Italian and had a panda on the label. It's red with some other colors for fun. I knit it up in to a scarf in about 3 hours.
The shop was nice, big, and well lit. I picked up some Cascade 220 for some felted clogs, in addition to the yarn above. She had a lot of expensive stuff, like Rowan, and a lot of "froofroo" yarns. There was very little sock yarn. The selection of needles was good. She's definitely going for luxury. There was room for sitting and knitting, as well as groups and classes. The owner is a fairly new knitter, and it kind of shows in the inventory. Also, if she had wound my Cascade any tighter, it might have broken. The store is definitely filling a need.
On Friday, we set out to OKC. Nothing eventful there. Then on to Columbus on Saturday. Still nothing special. Just lots of knitting and driving. Sunday, we went to church with the family. Sunday night we went to Vanelli's in Tupelo for my birthday (which was really this past Saturday). Mmmm veal picatta and calamari. Always good.
Monday, we headed down to my grandmother's house in Escatawpa. It wasn't as bad as I had expected. She has most of the drywall back up. Not much furniture, and some of the appliances are on their last leg. We dropped off the washing machine there. We stayed there Monday night.
Tuesday, we headed down to the other grandparents', or what was left. They had removed most of the debris. There was some linoleum left from the kitchen, and some tile from the downstairs bathroom, but that was pretty much it. My grandfather's brother who lives across the street had a FEMA trailer on his slab. Tuesday night, we headed up to the camp to see the grandparents. They are doing well there, although my grandmother could use a dryer.
Wednesday, we had lunch with Shane's mom, and took her to Wal-Mart. The grandparents insisted that we invite her for Thanksgiving dinner, so we did.
Thursday, Shane went to get his mom and bring her down to the camp for dinner. She seemed to enjoy herself. We had a pretty good turnout. Lots of food. Lots of family. My parents drove down for the day. Thursday night, we dropped Shane's mom off and headed back to my parents' house for the night and Friday. Saturday morning, it was back on the road, to OKC, another uneventful drive. Then Sunday, back here. Around an hour from Amarillo, it started snowing and kept up until the NM state line. We did get to see a little winter. It was nice.
It was good to see the family. We didn't go towards Gulfport/Biloxi. Neither of us really felt up to trying to navigate. Maybe in the Spring.
Back at work, which sucks, as usual. Not much going on. I think I finally finished one of the floor plans. We'll see about the other one today. I'll probably sketch it out and see where we need to go and get more detailed tomorrow.
S showed up at work smelling strongly of alcohol. Apparently it's not the first time, either. I went and told manager. We'll what, if anything, happens. She'll probably say she was drinking last night. That's fine, but get a shower and brush your teeth!

13 November 2005

More Pictures!

I finished the mosaic socks for the Six Sox Knit-along. I made these with Knitpicks Essential in Dusk for the main color and Lannette in White for the contrast color. I picked up the Lannette at our yarnswap. It's heavier than the knitpicks. It makes the Lannette look all fluffy. The mosaic was a really nifty technique. These socks will be my Mom's Christmas present. 3 down, 11 to go.

Up next - my Grandmother's Christmas socks. These will be plain old stockinette.

We visited the house today. The slab is poured, but no framing yet. The wood was there, though. One step closer!

12 November 2005


I picked up my iPod at Best Buy on Thursday. I am now officially a Pod Person. Looky! Isn't it beautiful? It's a 30 gig. I'm thinking about knitting it a sock. Apple sells them, but why would I buy them when I can knit them?

I made myself a hat. It's based on the "recipe" provided by Crazy Aunt Purl. Here it is by itself, and modeled by Philip and Gwyndylyn. It matches my scarf and gloves. Still working on socks for Christmas. Shane's are on hold while I wait for yarn. I knew his feet were huge, but more than one ball of Trekking? Come on! Oh well, you take what you can get.
And yes, I'm cheating by posting a lot of pictures. Just not feeling very wordy tonight.

08 November 2005

I got a prize!

I got an award today! And I promptly ordered an iPod - 30 gig, in black. I hope it gets shipped soon. I want it for the trip home. If it doesn't ship by Friday, I'll cancel the order from Apple and get it from Best Buy. It will cost more, since I lose the employee discount, but only about $20. I'm thinking about making my own iPod sock - similar to the ones that Apple sells. We'll see how that goes. I'm so tired lately. I'm seriously thinking about taking all day Friday off. I already have a doctor appointment around lunchtime and then an appointment at Casa Verde.
I started working on my Mom's Christmas socks today. I'm doing the current socks from Six Sox Knit-a-long. I'm using Knitpicks Essential in Dusk and a white yarn I picked up at the yarn swap - Lanette. It's nice, but I didn't pay attention, and the white is thicker. But it looks neat that way. Extra fluffy. This mosaic knitting is cool. I think I'll definitely be using this technique again.

07 November 2005

Urban Neccessities, September 2005

I used this pattern from MagKnits. I really enjoyed working up this pattern. It is very well written. I used Wave, a blend of 75% wool, 25% silk. Nice and soft. A little fuzzy, and a little slubby. And it only took two balls, about 250 yds. I have requests for two more pair. Of course, now that I have them finished, it's warming up again. But not for long! Winter is coming!
A couple of minor issues - when the pattern was posted, the cable chart was forgotten. I emailed the designer. She quickly sent me the chart by email. Of course, the magazine website hasn't been updated. But that's not rare. Often these magazines are run by one or two people, who have day jobs. Another tiny error - in the instructions for casting on for the mitten cap, it says to cast on 22 for a medium, when it should be 24. I would give this pattern a 7 if I had paid for it, but a 10, since it's free! I haven't made the matching tam. I just don't see myself wearing that style of hat.

Gloves and Socks and Scarves Oh My!

So I've been knitting like crazy lately. And more to come. Lots of socks waiting to be made for Christmas. Friday night, we had a Yarn Swap. (Thanks Beverly!) I took this:

and came back with this:

I made one of those spiral scarves, loosely based on the potato chip scarf from Knitpicks. I used Wave, 75% Wool, 25% Silk. Very nice and soft. It has that fuzzy raw silk look, but not so much that it looks cheap. I picked it up from Village Wools.

I also finished up my convertible mittens (finally a pair for me) from a pattern from MagKnits. This was a great pattern. And my first experience with cables. I think they turned out well. I already have requests for two pairs. I did these with Wave as well. Now, I'm looking for a pattern for a hat. I just can't decide. There are so many to choose from! I was thinking of a Chullo, but now, I just don't know.

I finished up a pair of socks for me. I used Bearfoot Mountain Colors that I picked up in Delaware. There were a few light spots toward the center of the hank, but they aren't really noticeable in the finished sock. They are wearing well, so far.

Now, I'm working on sock 2 for husband. I finished the first sock of the pair this weekend. I'm doing a 3x2 zig zag rib. I don't remember seeing it before, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I'll post details and pics when the pair is done, but that could be a few days. With a size 15 foot, it requires 90 stitches. I'm using Trekking XXL. If I used a heavier yarn, it would be faster, but it's so hard to find colors for him, I take what I can get.

Work has been boring. At least boring is not stressful. I've been doing some knitting at work. I don't usually take it to work, but it's been slow lately. It looks like I may have something to do tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes. According to the contractor, they will be starting the framing of the house soon. Only 3ish months! Shane is taking Stress and Rescue at the dive shop. I decided to take it later, maybe in the spring.

We are actually going to go to the company Christmas party this year, a formal affair. I get to dress up and go dancing! Shane's dancing, well, it tends to resemble the hokey pokey. A few classes will hopefully get him on the right (less bouncy) track. Should be fun.

05 November 2005


handcuff key
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02 November 2005

3 down, 1 to go

Today sucked. Work was boring. S said something about my "fucking attitude" under her breath. In the interest of me getting a security clearance eventually, I didn't kick her ass. I so wanted to. P is having a meeting tomorrow. I'm sure that we will all get bitched at for not getting along with S. So this attitude. She supposedly has two masters degrees. She asked a question that she should have known the answer to. Now, she is not my favorite person. I answered the question flatly. I wasn't rude or sarcastic, but I wasn't nice either. So she made her comment and left. Later, the person I was helping, L, told me that S told her not to bother me. It seems that S wants to be in charge, and wants everything to go through her. I told L to just ask me if she needed any help. S doesn't know what she's doing, and she doesn't have any business telling anyone what to do. I mean, she's a crackhead burnout.
The knitting is coming to work with me. If they don't have work for me, that's their problem. P is going to be in for some fun, though. The union found out what he is asking L to do, a lot of technical stuff. She's not supposed to be doing that. And he asked her to lie. Now why would someone put their own ass on the line for someone who treats them like shit?
I finished my socks last night before SnB. No pics yet. I'm feeling lazy tonight.
I got started on my convertible mittens. I'm using the Urban necessities pattern from They are going great so far. Shane's socks are on hold until I can get some more US0 needles. I lost one of my in Las Cruces during the X-Prize Cup. Normally, I could do them with only 4, but his require 90 sts, so I really need 5 or else these will be really unwieldy.