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I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

29 October 2005

Weekend Update

Talked to manager this week about P and S, again. Supposedly, they are just friends... That's fine. But guess who I saw at Target tonight. Yep. Shopping, on a Saturday night. Interesting.
In other news, I bought more yarn. It's called Wave, and it's 25% silk, 75% wool. Very soft. I'm going to use it for my convertible mittens.
I'm almost finished with the one's for my dad. I just have to do the mitten cap part.
In DE, I picked up a hank of Barefoot (or bearfoot, I don't remember) Mountain colors. I'm using this for my socks. It's very nice. It's knitting up very well. The colorway is mostly deep reds. I'm doing the woven stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.
We went shopping for a new chair today. It will work great in the new house. It's a little big for the current house, but we'll only be here a few more months. It'll be arriving early in December.
The cat stinks. Gwyndylyn has some serious issues. We tried switching them to only wet food, which works for Gwyndylyn, but then it got Philip all screwed up, so now it's half wet food and half dry food. It's not nearly as bad as it was. So how do you put a cat on a diet anyway? She wasn't exactly the runt. When we picked her up, she had all these scabs on the back of her hind legs and tail. I think it was because she was hogging all of the food. Now she eats all of her food, and then eats Philip's. Which is bad, because Philip is a pretty good self feeder. He likes to eat all day, a little at a time. But if he doesn't finish his food, she will.
Daylight Saving Time is stupid. Yes, I said Saving time, not Savings time. That's what it is. Anyway, they need to pick one and stick with it. I just got un-jetlagged, and now there's the time change. And it was getting nice and dark in the mornings too. Back to staring into the sun. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. After we take a pic of what will be our house.
Its late. I'm going to bed.