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12 October 2005


So work sucks. We have this really annoying bitch. To protect the, um, well, we'll just call her S. S was hired this summer as a technologist, basically, the same as me. This was the second time in a year that someone has been hired to do a job that I could do. S has two master's degrees. Impressive? Well, the reason she doesn't have a Ph.D. is that she flunked out. She comes in and all of the sudden, she's in charge of everything. I've been on this project for almost a year now. I'm not saying that I know everything about the project. I'm just saying that she doesn't either. She has managed to piss off everyone who works in the lab. And of course, it's our fault that we don't get along with her. She doesn't listen, and she talks to me like I'm an idiot. And you know those people who think that you are psychic? Well she's the queen bitch. She goes around changing her mind about how things should be done, without consulting P (I'll get to him shortly) and without telling me. Then, when I ask, apparently I'm stupid. Today, she kept harping on how something hadn't gotten done. When I explained that I had been ill, and hadn't had a chance to, she just kept going on about it. Then, when I said I would have it done by Friday, she apparently missed that like three times, and she says, "Could you PLEASE update the plan this week?" It took every bit of will power not to reach down her throat and pull her intestines out her nose. This is only the latest thing she has done. The thing that gets me most is that she doesn't do a good job at what she is supposed to be doing. She regularly deletes data, which means tests have to be redone, and she isn't shy about fudging, well, anything.

So, P, who I mentioned earlier is the lead on this project. I've been handling the documentation for this project, and updating the Microsoft Project file. I'll admit, I'm a little overqualified for this sort of thing. So what does he do? He hires someone underqualified. He has brought in an OAA student. For those of you who don't know, OAA stands for office administrative assistant. Yes, we have student secretaries. When this came up, I told P that he should have her take a course in MS Project. They are offered regularly offsite. It's a day, and they teach you the basics. It's a difficult program to learn, and the file we have is 11,000+ lines. He says that Project is part of their curriculum. I took this to mean that he would hire someone who had already taken this course. Of course not. So now, I have to teach this new person MS Project. I'm sure that she is capable. It's not my job, though. I'm not good at this sort of thing. Wait, no, I suck! So I asked him about it, and he effectively blew it off. I am so sick of being passed over, treated like crap, and in general, being regarded as an idiot by the people on this project.

Thankfully, I am not the only one having problems with P and S. I am being shifted off of this project and into another area of our group. I will be running all of the thermal analysis for our group. Next week, I'll be in Delaware being trained on the equipment, and taking some theory short courses.

But the day wasn't all bad. This afternoon, we had a pre-construction meeting for our new house. We signed the purchase agreement in August. We are building a home in Los Lunas, NM. Our builder is Centex, and the community is Sundance at Huning Ranch. They have dug out the footings and run the plumbing through the foundation area. The projected finish date is 16 Feb 06. Of course, we are entering the rainy season, and that could be changed. Also, thanks to Katrina and Rita, there is apparently a shingle shortage. But we'll worry about that later.

Oh and Philip says hi!