Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

31 October 2005

Trick or Treat!

Not a single trick-or-treater! That's a bonus to living in not-the-best-neighborhood. But soon, very soon, we will be in our brand new house. Looky - they are almost ready to poor the slab. Only 3 more months of rent to those idiots that call themselves landlords.

I've been busy on Christmas presents. Charlotte's socks are done. I used the garter rib pattern from Sensational knitted socks. I don't remember what kind of yarn it was. I picked it up at Village Wools. It was something German.

And I finished my dad's convertible mittens. This was also from the Paton's pattern that I used for Shane's gloves. On these I did a centered double decrease - slip two, knit, pass two. I think it looks a lot better. I also sewed the tops together, instead of the 3-needle bindoff. These are made with a wool - Smart was the brand name. It was really great to knit with. Nice and soft, and good quality. And only $5/skein. I bought it in Delaware at Stitches with Style.

For Gwyndylyn, it's always Halloween.

On the needles next... Socks for Shane, gloves for me. Then more Christmas presents. This weekend is a yarn swap and then camping and diving in Santa Rosa. We're going to do a couple of day dives in Perch Lake, then a night dive at the hole.
More later...