Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

17 October 2005

Monday in Delaware

The flights yesterday were good,. We had some rough crosswinds on the landing in Philadelphia, but not terrible. Chicago is another one of those non-smoking airports, and I didn't have time to leave and get back through security. I got a good bit of knitting done on the planes and while waiting. In the Albuquerque airport, there was an add for LASC. That would be the name of the UC/Bechtel partnership. It talked about air tight security and good management. Because they are doing such a good job now.
Hertz was slow, as usual, but I got a Mustang. SWEET! I got lost on the way to the hotel. I only missed it by a couple of exits, so it wasn't too bad. The hotel is nice, although people keep asking me if I'm staying in NJ by choice. This hotel is closer to TA than any of the other hotels. There is a $3 toll to get across the bridge to Delaware. I managed to get to sleep at a reasonable hour last night, so that helped with the jet lag. I did have Benadryl, just in case.
Class was good today. Not really boring at all. And the catering is great. Way better than Sandia, anyway. I'm almost done with the sweater, only one seam to go. I'll probably finish tonight.
That's it from the Hampton Inn in Pennsville, NJ.