Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

23 October 2005

I'm home!

Yes, I got home yesterday, but I slept most of the day. Except for when we went to Betty's for massage and salt glow, etc. I love how you get to drink liqour on the airplane. I almost missed the flight from Dallas to Albuquerque. The flight from Philadelphia was 20 mins late, and I still had to get to the next gate. I finished the seater. it just needs to be blocked. It's a little tight, but I think I can make it work. I finished one of Charlotte's Christmas present socks, and I'm about halfway through with the second.
The courses were good. There was one guy who apparently didn't take the basic class, and read some old equipment manuals. And by old, I mean, at least 3 generations of equipment ago. And he kept asking all these questions that he prefaced with "I read in some of the old manuals..." Or "but with the Perkin-Elmer..." And he wanted to see the rheology equipment. So why didn't you take the rheology hands-on class? It was really annoying. But I think I got a lot out of it.
When I get back to work on Tuesday, I'll be checking the calibration on all of our equipment. I am so glad that I decided to take Monday off. I'm seriously going to need it to recover.
Thursday night, I went to Stitches with Style in Newark, DE. It was a really great shop. The LYSO invited me to stay for the weekly knitting group, so I did. I also bought $100 worth of yarn for socks and gloves for Christmas presents.