Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

06 October 2005

I made it!

I made it to the weekend. Gotta love the 9/80!
Tomorrow, we dive. We hadd a SWE (society of women engineers) officers meeting tonight. I'm the section vice president. It was a good meeting, and only took an hour.
Since I gave in to husband on going to the X-Prize Cup, I got to get a chair from REI. It's called the Lounge Lizard. It's basically a recliner. It is awesome. I forsee many naps in my future. I also got a sun hat.
Then dinner, and a visit to Petsmart. As usual, they had the rodents close to the front. There was a hamster on a wheel, and of course, he was going like he had somewhere to be. Then, he would stop, walk to the front of the wheel, and look around. Then, back to the wheel, running like there was no tomorrow. He did this several times while we were watching. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.
Now, I must get ready to dive tomorrow.