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12 October 2005

Convertibles, Patons 1159BB

I finished husband's convertible mittens today. I think they came out well. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash in Onyx. I used Inox needles in sizes US3 and US6. There are some issues with them that probably only bother me - holes in the thumb gusset, and the top of the mitten flap. This wasn't the best pattern I've ever read. The concept and overall design are good, but the execution, well, it wasn't exactly flawless. This is basically a fingerless glove with a flap. The flap is held back with velcro.

The sizes listed are "Lady's" and "Man's", but there aren't any dimensions given. The designer uses ribbing to take up the slack between the sizes, and the only difference is the length of certain parts of the glove. The needle sizes are incorrect. They say to use 3.25 mm needles, but have US7 listed. The answer is... US3, which is a 3.25 mm needle. When making the fingers, the directions say to cast-on X stitches, but the cast-on type is not described. I used the cable cast on, and it seems acceptable.

I made it through the pattern, but there are some things I would change:
1. The pattern is written for four dpns. I used five, and it was much easier.
2. I would pick up more stitches for the thumb and fingers. Only picking up two for each finger left some holes. I would pick up extras then decrease on the next round. For the thumb gusset, I would use stitch markers to mark the edges, rather than using purl stitches.
3. The US6 needles are only used to make loose stitches to be picked up for the flap, and I don't think they are necessary. I would probably double up on 3s instead. But now that I have 6s...
4. The stitches that are the "hinge" for the flap are not centered on the back of the hand. I'm not sure how I would fix this.
5. The paired decreases make the mitt flap look like the toe of a sock. I would do a centered doubled decrease instead.
6. Instead of casting off at the top of the flap and sewing together, I chose to do a three needle bindoff. It did make it look less like a sock, but I think sewing would have been better, especially with number 5 above.