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15 October 2005

Chaco Stripes, Knitter's, Issue K97, Summer 2005

This morning, I finally completed this afghan. It is a nice, easy, slip-stitch rib pattern. It is knit in five panels, which makes it much easier for carrying around. I used US9 needles, and the recommended Lion Brand yarns.
This is the first pattern where I have used the recommended yarn in the recommended colors. The yardage estimate is accurate and the instructions are clear. The colors used work well together. This issue of Knitter's was inspired by New Mexico, my new home state.
The only thing I would change about this pattern is the seaming I used. I used mattress stitch, and I don't really like the resulting seam on the back.
Other than that, I really liked the pattern, even though it quickly became a never-ending project. But, then all afghans end that way. The color work looks harder than it is, because you only actually work one color per row, and only two rows per color.