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13 October 2005

Bloggerific Thursday!

And not in a good way. The day started out alright. S and P (from previous posts) were both going out of town, so tomorrow, I would have the day to actually work without trying to stifle the urge to kill. Then another coworker, G, said isn't it weird that they are going out of town at exactly the same time? I said, it's just a coincidence, I mean, S is going to see her brother, and P is going to visit his parents. G is as frustrated w/ S and P as I am. We had a pretty decent bitch session, and then back to work. This afternoon, though, G came by my office and said that S2 (another coworker) had said that P and S were indeed together, on their way to visit P's family. Now, I don't really care who's fucking who after work. What I care about is when P's little whore S starts acting like she is somehow more important than me. Now, we all have the same title.
What gets me, is that, according to a few people who would know, they are not "together." They spend a larger than average time together after work. Supposedly P is "helping" S. S apparently has had some issues - addictions, money problems, etc. I don't know how suddenly giving her more responsibility than she has ever had is going to help her, but whatever. She just needs to leave me the fuck alone.
After this most recent development, I went and talked to manager about the whole thing. I apologized for venting, and bringing up rumor mill stuff, but there is sometimes truth in the rumor mill. I felt that he should at least know how people feel. It seems that P has made some decisions about S, that are generally not bad. The problem is that P and S are psychic and think that the rest of us should be as well. There is an amazing lack of communication. A lot of the problems in our group could be solved by a simple meeting in which P and S shut the hell up long enough for the rest of us to get a word in.
It doesn't help that P is kind of immature, and some other members of the group fear retaliation. I'm the only one with the balls to say anything. The way I see it, I won't be working on P's project much longer, and if he tries anything, I'll sue his ass so fast he won't know what happened.
As mentioned before, P hired an OAA intern, we'll call her L. OAAs are not supposed to do anything technical. Well, P seems confused on that fact. L has threatened to quit, and P has said things to the effect of "I don't care." Now all of this is bad, but what's worse is that they are all covered by a union. This is just going to end badly. Hopefully, it will happen when I'm gone next week.
Now, I will knit.