Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

07 October 2005

About that diving thing...

We went diving today. We left Albuquerque at 9:30 this morning, after a stop at Einsteins (yum). We got there, and the only other vehicle was an RV. Not another diver in sight. First dive, we went straight to the bottom - 81 ft. Vis was awesome! On the way back up, we noticed a couple of additions to the hole. The first was a snow globe with a bride and groom. very cute, and at 60 ft, completely intact. impressive. The other was a Mrs. Potato head doll. It was sitting on a ledge. I moved it to a nook in some nearby rocks. Did I mention the awesome vis? We could see the trees and other stuff on the surface around 50 ft. From outside the water, it was about 30 ft.
We made the 1 hour surface interval. This is important becuase when we first started diving, we didn't think it was possible without assistance. Today, no hurrying, and back in the water in an hour.
There were lots of tourists coming through, on there way home from Balloon Fiesta.
Second dive was nitrox, to around 50 ft. A nice leisurely dive around the wall. Someone had tied a chain with a Saint Christopher, patron saint of divers, to a cow skull. The skull has been there for a long time, but the chain was a new addition.
We stopped at Pizza Hut, which is the best Pizza Hut ever. Finally back home.
My new REI chair is awesome. Super comfy. It will be very nice to have at XPrize Cup on Sunday. I broke a nail, so I'll have to get that fixed tomorrow.