Knit! Dive!

I knit. And I scuba dive. So... Yeah.

28 September 2005

grumble grumble

I decided to take the afternoon off. I'm like super hormonal, and on top of this, husband picks me up with some not-so-great news. Aparently, even though everyone he works with thinks he is doing a great job, and would like him to stay, some asshole in upper management is saying "But he does production, and we are a research center." So pretty much they can keep him until the limited term deadline hits. Now that's four years from now, but still. If they think he's doing good work, why can't they just hire him permantly. But no, they are going to make him get hired by another group at Sandia, and then matrix to theirs. Does that make any sense at all? Pretty much the only upside is that they are giving him plenty of time, and his manager has offered to help him find something else. I could just SCREAM! So I'm home, watching my stories, and about to get some knitting in.